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Echo Community Values

To make sure we build a community of like-minded
organisations and people, we ask all our members to
get on board with our Echo Community Values


We are supportive

We make sure that our members feel safe, and
promote a sense of trust across the community


We are creative

We are committed to finding new ways to do
things and creative ways to solve problems


We are connected

We are an interconnected network built on trust,
where all our members commit to shared values


We are collaborative

Our community works together collectively,
building a network based around the spirit
of connectivity and respect


We are innovative

What we’re doing has never been done before!
We encourage feedback, ideas and participation from all
of our members, because we never want to stop learning

Got a concern?

If at any time in your Echo experience you feel concerned that these standards haven’t been met, please get in touch with the team:


All listings should be clear, honest and appropriate for our community – we do not want to include listings on our marketplace which could offend other members or make them feel uncomfortable.

To ensure that we are valuing the time and skills of all our members, we do not accept listings that could be viewed as ‘sales leads’ or that do not have inherent standalone value (eg free trials, one-off free sessions). We recommend that you are as clear as possible in your listing about how much of your time you can offer to avoid any misunderstandings when trading with other members.

Be aware that if the service you’re offering does require insurance or a professional qualification, you’ll need to confirm you have this as part of the listing process – this is really important to help us make sure we keep all our members safe.

What we’re doing has never been done before! Now and then we get listings which don’t quite fit with our values. In these cases, we’ll get in touch to help you reframe your listing to market it effectively to our community.


We expect Echo members to be courteous, patient and friendly throughout the trading process – in all your online and face to face interactions. Our community is built on trust and mutual respect, so we will not accept any rude, malicious, unwholesome or discriminatory behaviour between Echo members, either within or outside of an Echo trading situation.

We expect Echo members to treat Echo trades like they would any other service or piece of work. This includes being on time for any meetings or appointments agreed and providing goods or services at the time, date and location that you agreed. If you are delayed or cannot keep a promise you should inform the other Echo member straight away.

We recommend that you take appropriate measures to make sure you’re safe during the trading process – where possible, meet in a public place and don’t share any personal details (address etc) if you’re not comfortable doing so.

Please note that Echo does not take any responsibility for members’ trades. We do our very best to ensure a happy trading experience, but it’s up to members to make sure they’ve got relevant insurance (if required) and that they keep themselves safe during trades.

We’ve built the marketplace so you can get on and connect and trade. Very occasionally, if we feel an Echo member has behaved in a way which isn’t in line with our community values, we reserve the right to remove or edit listings, or consider suspending membership.