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Simple and free tech tools to increase website engagement

by Selsabil Amine

In our latest guest blog, Echo member Selsabil Amine shares her tips to help small businesses increase their impact and visibility online.

Selsabil Amine is a communications strategist passionate about helping businesses boost their voice, mission, and resilience. Starting as a communications intern on Echo’s ‘The Match’ project, Selsabil has published research-based materials on how businesses can bounce back from COVID-19, as well as the future of essential business skills in the ‘new normal’. You can find her on LinkedIn and Echo’s blog.

It’s not just your social media that should feel familiar to your customers, it’s your website too.

Your social media should make it easy for your audience to connect with your brand. It likely already does.

You’ve spent time and energy recording and sharing photos and videos of your work, products, and effort. So don’t let your website give you a bland brand when you’ve crafted a voice elsewhere.

Integrate your social media into your website

Humanise your brand, work, and company by integrating your social media into your website. This is great for improving how your customer experiences your brand, which not only encourages engagement but also opportunities to collaborate with others.

If you are managing multiple social media platforms, there are ways to tie your social media content together into your website.

For WordPress users, check out the free plan offered by Flow-Flow, a WordPress social sharing plugin that offers to run up to 4 social media streams onto your website.

For Wix users, check out the Social Media Stream app. You can integrate content from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Heavy Instagram user? The Instagram Feed app enables you to directly stream your Instagram content onto your website.

If you use Squarespace, read this guide on how to connect your social accounts.


Chat with your customers while they browse

Automated chat bots are increasingly visible on websites, and they are getting more intuitive and usable.

For WordPress users who use HubSpot, the HubSpot WordPress Plugin offers a live and automated chat function. 

If you do not use HubSpot, Drift is a free alternative WordPress plugin that allows you to talk to visitors while they are browsing your website. You can also integrate Drift with Slack, which is available as a mobile app, so you are notified when a customer is online.

For Wix users, The Tidio Chat Lite app lets you send customised automatic messages to visitors. While Tidio Live Chat is primarily a premium app, there is a free trial available and if automated messages are something you’ve been thinking about incorporating, it may be worth a go.

For Squarespace websites, ArtiBot offers a free chatbot setup plan, read the instructions here.


Improve your sales by improving your customer engagement

Integrating your social media into your website doesn’t just improve your brand authenticity, it can also impact your sales.

If you are already selling directly from your WordPress website, WooCommerce lets you create customisable storefronts. If you’re not already selling from your website, start today! Go a step further and integrate your free WooCommerce plugin with a compatible Facebook and Mailchimp plugin to maximise your product reach. You can also access WooCommerce as a mobile app.

Wix user? Use the free Wix Stores app to personalise your storefront and sell across Facebook and Instagram, for free. Explore features like sending customers automated emails if they have abandoned their shopping carts.

For Wix creators that use Etsy, Pinterest, or Yelp, you can install the free plan offered by the Social Media Icons app to provide easy access to those sites.


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