Echo Community Fund

What is the Echo Community Fund?

At Echo, we believe communities are stronger when they’re more connected. That’s why we set up the Echo marketplace to help local people and businesses connect and support each other by trading their skills and resources, 1 hour for 1 Echo.

We know there are so many people in east London doing some incredible things to strengthen their communities and improve the lives of those living around them. In our eyes, they’re our superheroes!

But, we know that getting any idea of the ground can be a challenge even when you’ve got money in the bank, and it can be an even greater struggle when you don’t. So we wanted to do something to help.

That’s why we’re launching the ‘Echo Community Fund’ to help local East Londoners to get the skills and resources they need to make their ideas happen and do something amazing to support their local community.


How does it work?

Who can apply?

What can 20 Echoes get me?

So what happens when you’re selected?

How to apply

Case study: How Echo helped me get my project off the ground