Here’s what our members are saying…

Saving Money

“Through Echo, we were able to save money by trading our meeting space. We used the Echoes we earned to buy in bookkeeping training for staff – a really valuable resource for our organisation.”
– Hoxton Trust

“Echo is a really beneficial way of getting skills and services into your organisation. We used our Echoes to buy in a videographer to make a promotional film for our Youth Theatre – something we’ve been after for a long time.”
– Half Moon Theatre

“We’re saving money by getting our monthly payroll done for Echoes.”
– Hackney Young People’s University

“We found Echo a really useful resource – we were able to access a fantastic space for our team away day.”
– Cabinet Office Social Action Team

Increasing capacity

“By being part of Echo, we’re able to bring in skills and expertise to strengthen what we can offer as an organisation.”
– O2 Think Big

“We’ve been able to increase the capacity of our team to offer additional support to our service users with the new knowledge and expertise we’ve gained.”
– Community Links

Building Networks

“Echo provides great training and networking opportunities to the east London community. It’s helped my business build relationships in new sectors.”
– Adescoy Business Consultants

“It helped us build our profile by connecting us with a new network – it’s ideal for companies who are looking to grow and make new connections.”
– Kingsland Road Studios

Winning Commercial Work

“I’ve delivered communication skills coaching for Echoes, and through the connections I made I also gained commercial work. Trading with Echoes has been a great way to broaden my client base and work with new groups.”
– Fraser Communications

“We really value how Echo has helped us build our profile. As a result of the connections we made, we won a contract to deliver paid work.”
– JargNon

A Unique Currency

“Echo has been a really useful way of making us think about the value of our work. The pro- cess of exploring how we can package what we already do into an offer for other groups and organisations, has helped us see how we can better market our skills and services.”
– Aston Mansfield

“The unique aspect of being able to trade in time, skills and help makes such a contrast to trading with money. The sense of achievement and helpfulness, coupled with promotion of trust and building of communities is a really refreshing way to approach things.”
– Zipcar UK

“Through my trades with Echo I’ve been able to demonstrate to potential customers and partners that I’m a socially minded business.”
– Logic to Create

“When trading with Echoes it just feels more fair, all help is help, at one price. No one claims to be worth more than anyone else; it’s universal,
it’s human, it’s simple.”
– Rustic Roots