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Echo x Pinterest UK: Stööki

By Sarah Henderson

We are thrilled to be partnering with Pinterest UK to celebrate under-represented entrepreneurs within the Echo community. We were excited to interview Echo member Nadia, founder of  Stööki, for this feature!


The Stööki Craft Makers consist of Nadia Abbas (Jewellery Technologist), Luke Hippolyte (Creative Director) and Maya Mihoc (Business Development). Stööki is an independent lifestyle brand that represents a collective of people who came together with a shared set of values, causes and beliefs. This is presented through every project they take part in using our their key elements of Sound, Vision and Play.


Hi Nadia!

So, what is Stööki’s mission?

Stööki’s mission is to continually strive to push the boundaries of jewellery making, hand-crafting our jewellery pieces that are inspired by youth culture. One of our key aims is to bridge the gap between streetwear and jewellery.

As independent designers, we have a self-made ethos that forced us to kick down doors in the jewellery industry and create our own opportunities. We are transparent with our making process and strive to inspire up and coming creatives through Stööki’s journey and be living proof you can make something from nothing.

Why is this business needed now more than ever?

Stööki is needed now more than ever because we are about representing community and inclusion with each project we put out. Right now the world seems so divided because of everything going on and we want to be continually driving awareness to our audience.

People can make a difference through donating to our ‘Enough Is Enough’ fundraiser, where 50% of the profits are given directly to organisations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, and the remaining 50% goes towards funding workshops and educational events for young people from diverse backgrounds.

We also run flexitime workshop sessions that attendees in the past have said feel like therapy because it takes their mind off of current events and gives them an insight into the traditional jewellery-making process whilst at the same time, creating something completely unique that can be worn time and time again.

You can read more about and donate to our Enough Is Enough initiative here:

What has kept you focused on the rollercoaster ride of your startup journey

What has kept us focused, especially during this very strange time of lockdown is making sure that our brand can be sustainable and withstand situations like this in the future. We also want to continue doing what we love, the way that we choose to, so we always remind ourselves that if we were working for someone else’s company or brand then that won’t be possible. Life will always be a rollercoaster whether you are working independently or for someone else, so why not create a legacy for yourself by following your own passion?

What’s one piece of advice you would give to an underrepresented entrepreneur starting out today?

We know it sounds cliche, but don’t give up! There will always be tons of “no’s” before you get the “yes” you’re after but don’t let that deter you. Keep building your foundations to the best of your ability because if you’ve built something you heavily believe in, no-one can deny your talent 😉

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