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Echo x Pinterest UK: STUDIO 27°

By Sarah Henderson

We are thrilled to be partnering with Pinterest UK to celebrate black entrepreneurs within the Echo community, as well as spotlighting businesses who are finding creative ways to cope with the Covid crisis and taking steps towards reshaping frameworks and structures in their sector. We were excited to interview Echo member Veronica, founder of  STUDIO 27°, for this feature!


STUDIO 27° is a network that consists of under-represented creatives from all sectors within the creative industry and is simultaneously an online self-service platform that allows beneficiaries to search & browse through a pipeline of talented creatives across the globe in a few seconds.

Creatives will have a way to shamelessly promote themselves, find peer-to-peer support, collaborate and connect with others and have new ways to enhance themselves in a post-covid world. We need each other more than ever to work towards a more equitable industry that actively includes artists from under-represented and minority backgrounds.

Hi Veronica!

So, What is STUDIO 27°’s mission?
Creating a more equitable creative industry that is inclusive, diverse and intersectional. I want to do this by providing a network of under-represented creatives from all sectors within the creative industry that beneficiaries can work and collaborate with. Another important element to 27° is to create and/or provide tools and resources that creatives, small business owners and clients can use to challenge themselves regarding diversity, inclusion and intersectionality within their own communities. Growth can happen when we are open to introspection.

Why is this offering/business needed now more than ever?
We’re currently in a pandemic where many freelancers are facing uncertainty, especially those of with minority ethnic backgrounds. It might sound cliche, but there is never a perfect time to tackle racial & gender inequalities, but since all of our lives have drastically changed and since we’re moving towards a post-covid world, we have to leave outdated frameworks, systems and ideologies behind. STUDIO 27° is a new and creative solution that should help us do better. 


What has kept you focused on the rollercoaster ride of your startup journey?
What has kept me busy and focused on is building a strong community that can provide support when necessary. The creative sector is having a hard pill to swallow and what is currently happening in the media surrounding this topic is disheartening. Feeling a sense of belonging and having a platform that can provide a safety net is vital, especially for creatives whose voices need to be amplified. Hence, why I started crowdfunding to build a self-sustaining online platform.


What’s one piece of advice you would give to an underrepresented entrepreneur starting out today?
Do not wait on others to give you approval, a boost in confidence or the opportunity to finally make a change and leave a mark in this world. If nothing is being offered to you or you can’t seem to find the thing you’re looking for, then create those opportunities yourself. Life is too short to be working on other people’s dreams. 

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