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How to run workshops online – guest blog

By Sarah Henderson

As workshops and meetings across the world are moving online, we’ve been exploring how to deliver content online in a way that’s engaging, impactful and still enables human connection.
We asked Echo member Jes Bailey (founder of Crowdfund360) to share some of her top tips with us.

As everything moves online now, we are seeing more and more workshops turn into webinars. But if your workshop is interactive, how do you keep that level of energy up in a webinar situation?

I have been running webinars for a few years now and the majority of my work is online so I thought I would share some of my top tips based off my experiences.

1. Use Zoom (and get the £11.99 a month version if possible) – it is the easiest and smoothest system I have found. You can share slides, have participants videos on, get them talking and/ or typing and continue to ‘read the room’ whilst presenting.

2. Keep numbers low – especially when trying it out in the early days. With people’s videos on you can make eye contact to the screen so they feel that connection with you. You can get them talking and interacting with you and with each other.

3. Read the room. You can usually tell if people are not paying attention, sometimes it’s the reflection of the screen in their glasses, others it’s when they look beyond the screen or you see their eyes moving fast reading things which clearly aren’t on your slides. At that point bring them back to the slides, point out something you’re looking at, ask a question, get the focus back on your topic.

4. Mix up open and closed questions and activities. Closed questions can be asked with a simple answer in the chat bot, yes/no questions can be done with a hands up/hands down situation and open questions can be discussed with mics on.

5. Send over handouts ahead of the workshop so they can either print off ahead of the event or have open on the screen/draw their own out. This way you can also get people to do offline activities and then talk them through with the group via their video and mic.

6. Check in. Ask how everyone’s doing. If you need a few minutes break to grab some water, get some fresh air, turn the light on, stretch your legs etc.

Thanks Jes!

Over the coming days, we’ll be developing our very first online versions of Echo skill sharing workshops. Watch this space, and drop us a line if you’d be interested in delivering one!

We are looking for suggestions on all kinds of topics – from business skills like marketing, finance and business modelling to wellbeing and creative workshops – anything from mindfulness or yoga to music, languages or creative skills. We’ll offer support to design your workshop, and access to our Pro Zoom account to run it.

If you might be interested in delivering a 1 hour online workshop / webinar, you can express your interest by completing this short form.

And of course, you’ll earn Echoes for your time preparing and delivering your webinar.