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Member Story – 8 in the Universe

By Sarah Henderson

This week on the blog, we chat to Echo members Marian and Karen, founders of the magical, mystical and downright wonderful 8 in the Universe. They share some of the highs and lows of their business journey, and their passion for helping people squeeze more juice out of life. (That’s them above in the picture, as their younger selves!)


What do you guys do?

We advise on, create and deliver multifaceted holistic approaches to wellness, through our consultancy services, interludes and experiences. Interludes and experiences? Yes, that’s our slant on workshops and events.

8 in the Universe… what an intriguing name!

Yes our name is somewhat unusual. When we began our company we wanted to create a sound basis for the work we would go on to write and present. So we spent a considerable amount of time digesting and reviewing mounds of scientific research, data, as well as traditional and holistic practices. Time and again it was shown that particular ideas and actions have proven success in benefiting our health. After much consideration we developed our foundation strategies to help make life richer and more fulfilling. These became our 8 Elements – Nourish, Move, Rest, Love, Learn, Laugh, Gratitude, Contribute. As for the Universe, we are all made of stardust, quite literally at 97%. Plus Marian is partial to saying, “We ask the universe all those complex questions we have no answers for, and sometimes we get lucky and it replies.”

What motivated you to start the business?

We come from an education background, saw a hole in the market and decided to break free to unite all the things we love – science, bodies, art, design, history and let’s not forget, food and drink – so we can inform, motivate and empower people to live healthier, happier lives.

What attracted you to join Echo?

Nneka attended a workshop we presented at Google Campus London and we then found out that Echo was by far the best platform to share and buy time and skills. The Echo concept, ethos, ease of use and community is great, the Echo team is wonderful.

What kinds of things have you traded on Echo so far?

Venue hire, Website, LinkedIn, Social Media and Marketing advice and support. We have also met some really talented and interesting people who we will trade with in the future.

Have you had any lightbulb moments since starting the business?

Our people-centred, holistic, health by stealth approach to wellness was until recently fighting against the tide. That tide has now turned, businesses and organisations now realise investing in health and wellbeing is good for their people and good for the world of work, we have the experience, energy and skills to ride those waves.

What advice would you give to someone just starting up?

Do something that genuinely floats your boat. It takes time to build a business, you have to live with it and this is an onerous task if you do not enjoy and believe in what you do.


You can come and experience a bit of the 8 in the Universe magic yourself on 6th December, where Karen, Marian and friends will be hosting a very special event for us – Midwinter Wonderful. Limited tickets available here.