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Member Story – Leticia Credidio

By Stuart Duncan

Shining a spotlight on Leticia Credidio Art Director, champion of sustainability in design and founder of her own organic sleepwear brand. 

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Leticia, an Italian–Japanese art director and illustrator born in Sao Paulo and based in East London. 

I’ve recently launched my own sleepwear brand to unleash the power of good sleep. Our garments focus on comfort and quality design with sustainability stitched in. Our latest collection Ocean is made with sustainable seaweed fabrics – which release soft hydration on the skin. 

What sparked this passion for sustainability?

It was purely by chance. My BA was in Industrial/Product Design in Brazil and my course directors were the Campana Brothers. We were taught and encouraged to be socially and environmentally responsible, and I guess this stayed with me when I did a post-graduate in Visual Communication at LCC. 

What led you to start a sleepwear brand?

Having experienced the detrimental health impacts of overwork and lack of sleep, I decided to create a brand that champions taking the time to rest and being present in the now.

I want to help people to understand the importance of sleep, mental health and slow living. We live in a society where being overworked and busy are the status quo – taking time to sleep, to embrace slowness and be present in the now are acts of defiance. 

I also believe sustainability starts from within – when we sleep well, when we feel content in life, we don’t go around being horrible to people and to the environment. When we’re relaxed and well-rested we make better and conscious decisions. I felt like creating sleepwear and loungewear for people to embody these values. 

What makes your sleepwear unique? 

As a modern business, we go against the trend of fast fashion and all of our products are made to stand the test of time. I’ve travelled from country to country, working closely with my suppliers to ensure that everything from the weave of the fabric to the final stitch is without compromise to people and the environment. 

Everything is designed in East London and handmade in a family-run atelier based in Emilia Romagna, Italy. It’s a place that respects those who work there with good working conditions and fair wages. And we know all of the women who make our products by name. You can see my lovely team in the next photograph. 

Where are you based – what drew you to the area? 

My studio is in Hackney Wick. There are so many things happening around here. Somehow most of the people working in this neighbourhood are multi-talented artists, authentic designers or musicians. Being surrounded by such diversity of creatives is really inspiring. I can always learn from them. It’s impossible not to be influenced and motivated to create more. 

What attracted you to join Echo?

I’ve been involved with Echo since its early days and joined Creative++ their 4-week business accelerator programme. The Echo concept is superb and necessary in our capitalist era, as all of our transactions are purely monetary-based. 

Echo brings a welcome shift to how we do business and allows us – as members – to perceive every human transaction and interaction differently, maybe more humbly.

Trading our skills for hours adds value to people’s time – for me, it’s a groundbreaking idea. 

What useful skills and services have you received on Echo?

I’ve benefited so much! I’ve met life-changing mentors, some amazing photographers, social media experts and I’ve even won some new clients in the long term. 

I feel lucky to have met and given my time to a variety of inspiring projects. From creating new brands and design for some amazing people and unique organisations such as Karen founder of Playhood, the British actress Victoria Emslie founder of Primetime, Hari from Compost Mentis, the creative and talented Mareike from Aspectus and Matthew from Deepr. I’ve also taught Adobe InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator to lots of members to top up my Echo pot!

What advice would you give to someone just joining Echo? 

My advice would be to offer as many services as you can. There will be always someone looking for the unexpected. Echo is a door opener to a large community and brings a shift in perception of how to do business – you end up feeling more human and more at one with different people. 

What are you offering on the marketplace?

I’m offering art direction for startups and businesses, branding and design for charities and graphic design for everyone.

What’s coming up for you next? 

I’m continuing to design for social change but focusing more on the mental health side and expansion of my sleepwear project. Mental health, depression and lack of sleep are very linked. Perhaps because of social media and our mobiles, people these days are feeling more anxious and sleeping less.

Our attention spans are becoming shorter and we’re barely getting in touch with ourselves to find out what we love doing, what makes us really happy. I’d like my brand to be an enabler of alternative pathways, which people can take to wind down and to make the most of what life has to offer. The next step for my sleepwear project will be creating products and services, and collaborating with different artists and brands.

Finally, what’s your favourite East London hidden gem that people might not know about? 

I’ve recently discovered some great events and workshops organised by The Old Baths. This is a great place which shows eclectic collections of modern films, free sound healing meditation and Lucid Flow Yoga. It’s such a happy, arty, hippie place to visit with a beautiful cafe Gaia Pulse serving delicious Greek food.

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