Photography Skill Share, 16th & 17th May

By Sarah Henderson

Echo Photography Skill Share is back! This May, we’re partnering again with our friends Photo Meet for two mornings of practical skills-exchange for photographers at Space Studios, as part of Offspring Photo Meet.

Come along to brush up your skills in everything from Lightroom and Photoshop to editing, sequencing and setting up a website – all for Echoes*

Sessions take place in small groups of 3-5 people, and are 1 hour each, on the mornings of Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th May at Space Studios on Mare St, Hackney. 

Full descriptions of sessions below. Follow the links to book your sessions.

*Powered by Echo. Like everything we do, the skill-share will use the Echo currency. Each session costs 1 Echo to attend, and you can start earning Echoes by sharing your own skills on the marketplace. It’s free to join Echo here.

Available sessions…

  1. WordPress Web Design for Photographers – Book tickets

Monday 16th AND Tuesday 17th, 9am – 10am

A great online portfolio is a key asset for boosting your profile as a photographer. This session will take you through key principles and practical pointers for creating a brilliant site.

If you’ve already got a site, we’ll audit what you’ve currently got and suggest ways to optimise it to maximise visibility and interactions. If you don’t have a site yet, we’ll take you through the initial steps for creating a great one.

If possible, bring your own laptop so you can get going with making edits and improvements to your site there and then.

With Chris King, documentary and portrait photographer and multimedia producer.

  1. Skill up in Lightroom – Book tickets

Monday 16th, 9am AND Tuesday 17th, 10am

Get to grips with one of the most popular retouching programmes, Lightroom.

Whether you’re brand new to the programme, or want to brush up your skills, troubleshoot or try new functionality, this session will help you get the most out of the software.

If possible, bring your laptop with Lightroom installed so you can try it out as you learn.

With Bozhidar Chrokev, photographer and web designer

  1. Digital Asset Management – Book tickets

Monday 16th May, 10am

In this session, Gary Cohen will give you the rundown on everything you need to do to make sure your digital assets are all present and correct, and prevent that ‘oh shit, did I just lose everything?’ moment.

He’ll talk you through the best practices, systems, tips and tricks, and there’ll be time for questions and discussion too.

You’ll go away equipped to set up a fool-proof system for your own digital assets.

With Gary Cohen, photographer and coder at Adobe

  1. Online Security – Book tickets

Tuesday 17th May, 10am

How secure is your online presence? You have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Gmail, and so on… are you doing everything you should to keep your identity your own?

In this session, Gary Cohen will cover everything from how to make sure your accounts are secure (how not to get hacked), how security works, how to make sure your privacy is what you expect on Facebook, and other essentials.

With Gary Cohen, photographer and coder at Adobe

5. Social Media for Freelance Photographers – Book tickets

Tuesday 17th May, 9.00am

As a freelance photographer, your online presence is one of your strongest tools for reaching new clients and getting business.

But how do you do it effectively? Which tools do you use, which platforms do you prioritise, and how do you make sure the time you spend on social media is giving you the results you want?

This workshop will provide a whistle-stop tour of best practice, ideas and tips for success in marketing your business online.


More sessions to be announced soon!